SMC Catania Yarns Review by Anniegurumi

Hi friends! It’s lovely to be able to write these blog posts for you and share my experiences with lovely yarns that Hobium Yarns has sent me. I particularly love cotton yarns for my amigurumi. Mostly because they hold the shape well, wash and dry well, and to be honest, it looks quite nice!
I have been enjoying SMC Catania very much. I love the colour range and that it has a slight sheen to it. I think you can also see, you will be able to find almost any colour that you are looking for too!

Personally, I have been using a 2.75mm hook for my amigurumi paired with this lovely yarn. It doesn’t split, which I know a lot of people get irritated by and the stitch definition is lovely. You can see from my bee here that the yarn looks so beautiful! I gifted a few of these bees and everyone was saying how the yarn is nice and soft. The structure of the amigurumi is firm but pliable. I do love that it can hold its shape well.

I also got to play around with the SMC Catania Color range. It is the same yarn but variegated. The colour changes are short so I found it difficult to just make an entire amigurumi with it (in a spiral). The colours changed too quickly for my taste this way, however… I am in love with it as an accent colour! 

See this gorgeous fish pattern is by my friend @natura_crochet called Bertie. I used the variegated yarn as the accent colours and used the plain colour for the body. It came out beautifully and the colour changes actually created a pattern, especially on the body!

Another way I love to use the variegated yarn is to use it as a single stripe every now and then on white (or black). It creates a hint of fun, a rainbow accent that would look great as clothing for amigurumi!

I hope you found this blog post helpful. I frogged the yarn so many times to see which way I thought looked best for my amigurumi needs.

Currently, Hobium Yarns has a sale on SMC Catania, Catania Color and Catania Glamour! 40% off means you can definitely stock up in all the colours that you like.
Please let me know if you found this helpful! I’m on social media everywhere, just look for anniegurumi. 🙂

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