I have wanted to do a fluffy bunny for a long time, but haven’t found the right fluffy yarn to use. When I found Kartopu Extra Soft over at HobiumYarns I knew
I love front post and back post dc’s, so I decided to play a little with it. I think this doily got a nice 3D effect with the post stitches. The
Hello! I’m, Tommy from @snips.and.stitches and today I have a fun pattern to share with you in collaboration with my friends at Hobium Yarns! I used two skeins of La
This is another little doily that I made the other day. As most of the time when I crochet, I didn’t have a plan when I sat down with my
The Cardigan with the panther design on the back by @venerabogdanova is very stylish and a pretty easy constructed pattern. With the provided detailed description anyone can make it, it’s