Color Spectrum Macrame Rug by Anniegurumi

Hi friends! I’m Annie from anniegurumi. Recently I’ve been experimenting with two different yarns: YarnArt Macrame Cotton Spectrum and Macrame Braided.

Both yarns are incredibly soft and I love that the braided yarn is thick but super soft. Cotton spectrum has a beautiful gradient that changes slightly in colour with beautiful results. 

Since the cotton spectrum is thin and the braided yarn is thick, I decided to hold them together to make a rug. When it comes to home decor, I am a very minimalistic and simple kind of person. Clean lines, nothing fancy but perfect to match anything in our home.

I held the two yarns together (using a 9mm hook) and made a chain of 41. Then I half double crocheted in every stitch. Chain 1, turn and hdc across for a total of 40 hdc in this row. Keep repeating until it is your desired length. 

By my 5th macrame braided yarn, I ran out of my cotton spectrum. So a third of the blanket is white, which I don’t mind at all. I actually think it looks very modern! 🙂 But if you desire a blanket with consistent colouring, please use two of the cotton spectrum or adjust your starting chain to your liking.

My finished blanket project measurements and number of yarns:
Length 95cm and Width 71cm

Yarn Art Macrame Braided (5qty)

Yarn Art Macrame Cotton Spectrum Yarn Variegated (I used 1 qty but I recommend 2 so your entire blanket has the coloured yarn)

My son has been using the blanket to read, play, sometimes he’s just sitting there doodling. I hope that you like it too! I imagine a really big one would look nice in a big sitting area. This size is quite lovely for our cosy Hong Kong apartment.

Thank you for reading along in my adventures in crocheting! I’m always looking for more ways to add some crochet in our home. I hope you enjoyed it and you can find more things like this on my social media accounts. (anniegurumi everywhere) 

Lots of hugs,


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Hello everyone!

We brought to you an amazing pattern by @anniegurumi. It’s very useful and pretty.

Let’s start!


  • La Mia Bla Bla 5 hanks in total
  • 15mm Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle

Stitches: (US Crochet Terms)

magic ring
sc: single crochet
inc: increase
st: stitches
blo: back loop only
FO: fasten off

Click here to download the free pattern!

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