La Mia Re-Tweed Review by Anniegurumi

Hello everyone! It’s me, Annie from anniegurumi again.

I had the pleasure of playing with La Mia Re-Tweed yarn. It is a lovely wool blend (wool, polyester, acrylic) that is a generous 100g and 185m long! You can make a decent-sized scarf with just one ball of yarn.

I picked the light grey colour and fell in love with how soft the yarn is. The speckles of colours throughout the yarn is lovely! I was afraid the speckled parts would fall out with multiple frogging… but it didn’t budge!

I was experimenting with different but easy (quick) stitches to make scarves for my local charity. I wanted to share with you the different ones I did.
I did all stitches through the back loops only to create a ribbed look. I feel the ribbed look creates a very elegant and timeless stitch.

Single crochet through the black loops only: This had beautiful definition and created a dense fabric. I personally love this one the best but it does take a long time to hook.

Half double crochet through the back loops only: This created a very clean look as well. Not as dense as the single crochet but it is pretty. This is definitely faster to hook than the single crochet and still very nice looking for a scarf.

Double crochet through the back loops only: I don’t see much of a difference between this and half double crochet. It is still nice but I think I like the half double crochet better since the double crochet is a bit less dense.

Triple crochet through the back loop only: This is obviously the quickest to crochet as the stitches are very tall. It’s my least favourite, it has a lot of space between stitches and I don’t think it can keep you warm. I suppose if you make the scarf very long and wrap it around your neck a few times, it would be warm since it’s made of wool!

I hope that this helps with last-minute holiday gifts. If you’re looking for speed, the last two will be the quickest. If you’re looking for something that looks nice and neat: I recommend the single crochet or half double crochet. 🙂

I’ve made so many scarves with different combinations of these stitches. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and warm greetings from my family to yours.

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