Hello everyone! Today we brought to you an elegant shawl pattern by Sylvie Lavoie, translated from French. We’re really excited to present her pattern to all English speaking fellows around. We’re sure you’re going to like this very pretty shawl pattern. Let’s start!

(You can find the original pattern here)

(You can find the cowl pattern by Sylvie Lavoie here)


Dimension in the picture:

Height: from the middle: 55cm

Width: along the top of the shawl, from side to side: 140 cm




CO 6 stitches.

1- Knit a round.

2- Mount 6 stitches, purl to last stitch.

3- CO 6 stitches, knit.

4- Purl.

5 to 10- Knit 6 rows of jersey.

Then, begin REPEATING the rows.

Knit another 10 rows but at the same time, knit 6 stitches at the beginning of the row:

2 row and 3 row ( = 6 sts inc.)

Repeat these 10 rows until you reach the desired length.

* Remember to keep enough yarn to fold and make the chains for the ends.


Make two long chains with the hook no. 5 and crochet 40 to 50 sc (single crochet.)

Knot them at each end of the shawl.

This is it.


You can attach the ends on the front or wear the shawl in a bolero or shoulder warmer style or cover yourself with it without tying them to bring a decorative note.

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