The Green Meadow Shawl Crochet Pattern by BrennaAnnHandmade

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m so excited to share my latest pattern made in collaboration with HobiumYarns with you all – The Green Meadow Shawl!

This simple, but classic over-sized triangle design features an open & airy stitch (perfect for those spring & summer months), with cute little tassels to finish on each corner.

The entire shawl uses just ONE ball of HobiumYarns new YarnArt Flowers yarn, and they have such a pretty array of ombre color selections to choose from! 

They also include a convenient, “easy start” pull tab connected to the end of the ball, so there’s no need to make a mess searching for it! 😉

Click HERE to check them all out!

I’m also VERY excited to get to share the step-by-step photo tutorial to make this fun project, for FREE with you all! 

The inexpensive, condensed printable PDF version of this pattern can also be found in my shop!
Just click HERE for the instant-download PDF pattern!
Are you ready to get started on this fun, warm weather project? Great! Let’s get’s go! 😃

Materials Needed: 

-1 skein (1093 yds) fingering #1 weight cotton blend yarn (I used Yarnart Flowers Cotton Gradient yarn from HobiumYarns) 

-A pair of scissors 

-A 3” x 3” square piece of cardboard 

-A 6mm crochet hook 


Ch = chain 

St = stitch 

Dc = double crochet 

Row 1: Ch 3, and put 2 dc in the 3rd ch from the hook. Ch 2, turn. 

Row 2: Put 2 dc in the same st you just ch 2 from, skip 2 dc, then put 3 dc in the last st. Ch 2, turn. 

Row 3: Put 2 dc in the same st you just ch 2 from. Put 3 dc in the space created by the 2 (3dc) clusters below. Then, put 3 dc in the last st of the row. 

Rows 4-80: Put 2 dc in the same st you just ch 2 from. *Put 3 dc in the space created by the 2 (3dc) clusters below. Repeat from * across the row. At the end of the row, put 3 dc in the last st. At the end of row 80, cut yarn and pull through tail to secure. Weave in all ends. 

Creating the Tassels: (Make 3) 
Step 1: Using the 3” x 3” piece of cardboard, take your yarn & wrap around it 68 times, then cut it even to the bottom. Do not remove the yarn from the cardboard yet. 
Step 2: Take another 12” piece of yarn, and tie it through the loops at the top of the yarn bundle. 
Step 3: Now, remove the yarn from the cardboard and hold it by the piece of yarn you just attached at the top. Then, take one more 12” piece of yarn, wrap it ½ ” to 1” down from the top of the yarn bundle, and tie in a knot. 
Step 4: Using the smaller crochet hook, weave in the ends of the knot that you just tied, so they lay flat. 
Step 5: Cut all of the loops at the bottom of the yarn bundle. 
Step 6: Trim the yarn ends of the tassels evenly. 
To Attach Tassels: Using the piece of yarn tied to the top of each tassel, tie one tassel onto each of the 3 corners of the shawl. Then, weave in all ends. You are all finished! 
*Please Note: You may NOT resell/share this pattern or the pictures included, but you MAY sell the finished items made from them, as long as you use your own photos, and give credit to the original designer. 

Once your new Green Meadow Shawl is finished, I would LOVE to see finished-product-pics! (It would just make my day!) You can either post them here, OR tag me in a pic on Instagram. (@brennaannhandmade) I hope you enjoy making it just as much as I did! 😊

Happy making everybody!

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Easy Neck Warmer Pattern by Hobium

Hello everyone!

How about making an easy and soft neck warmer with Kartopu Punto yarn?

Let’s begin!



Ch: Chain

St: Stitch

Sl st: Slip Stitch

Sp: Space

Dc: Double crochet


  1. 100 ch, sl st to the first st.

2. 2 dc in one st, 2 ch, 2 dc more in the same st. 2 ch, skip 4 chains and make 2 dc in the fifth st, 2 ch, 2 dc more in the same st

3. On the next rows, make 2 dc in sp between, 2 ch, 2 dc more in the same sp. Do not increase or decrease. At the end of the rows, sl st to the first to dc until sp between.

4. Continue for 6 rows in total.


To see this pattern in Turkish, visit