Our cat Misho is part of the family and since I start doing crochet I knew i had to make a bed for him, because he loves to lie down in cozy places.

I crochet the bed as a base to a cushion of 50 x 30 cm that I have at home, a good thing is that you can adpat the pattern to any coushin you want to use, just by modifying the numbers of rows and stitches of the rectangle in the beginning of the project.


2 Loren XL Makrome Cord
Colored Pom poms
Hook 10 mm

To embellish the bed I sew two handles on each side, put some pompoms all around and it was perfect, cozy and beautiful. You can decor as you prefer.

Click HERE to download the FREE PATTERN.

I hope you and your pet enjoy!

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Pamela K Arnold
1 November 2019

This is absolutely adorable for your Misho! And he is perfect for the bed! Thank you for sharing.


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