Happy International Amigurumi Day!

For the first time in history, amigurumi has a special day all to itself and we’re delighted to join in on the celebration.

Do you remember making your first ever amigurumi? Did it feel magical, that with just a hook and yarn, that you could create almost anything — a bear, a cat, a puppy, or simply rainbows, unicorns and the cutest of dolls?

Take a moment to think about how making amigurumi has changed your life.

And if you’re looking for a new project to kickstart an all-new amigurumi adventure, we have the sweet, squishy one waiting for you.

Please meet Strawberry-san, possibly the sweetest berry girl you’ll ever chance upon in this lifetime.

We absolutely enjoyed working with the super-squishy Yarnart Jeans Plus yarn for this project, plus we added a little sparkle with Kartopu Melange Wool Luxe.

To make your Strawberry-san stand out, it is of the utmost importance to choose the palest of pinks and pairing it with the prettiest of mint/baby blue yarn for the leaves. This colour combination will give it the sweetest finishing touch.

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To make Strawberry-san, you will need:

Yarnart Jeans Plus yarn in pink
Kartopu Melange Wool Lux in light blue
Kartopu Love Cotton in white
Dmc Natura Just Cotton in purple
Gazzal Organic Baby Cotton in pink
4mm crochet hook
2.5mm crochet hook
Black crochet thread
Tapestry needle

Click HERE for the FREE pattern.

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Rebecca Rubin
28 June 2019

Strawberry San berry Directions to create a broject.


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