Hi, I am Annie (@anniegurumi) and I’m here to share with you the latest creation my son and I made. 

This is Emi the Tree Sprite. She’s a curious and sweet soul, during the day she hides as a tree. During this time she loves seeing humans passing by and especially the children who play amongst the wild flowers. She noticed a few children dancing while singing and she wanted to do that more than anything.

When the moonlight shines and the day has gone, Emi feels free to come out and dance just like the children she loves so much. When it’s time for the sun to come out, she goes back into hiding so she doesn’t scare the humans who frequent where she lives.


La Mia Cottony:
La Mia Pastel in White
Kartopu Extra Soft Yarn in Green
6mm amigurumi eyes (2 of them)
Crochet Hook 2.75mm, 9mm
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker

Click HERE to download the FREE PATTERN.

Thank you so much for reading my story and I hope you enjoy my pattern. Today is International Amigurumi Day and I am happy to bring this pattern to you from Hong Kong.

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