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I’d never crocheted a floor pouf before but when I received this “Kartopu Home Decor” yarn from Hobium Yarns, It was just begging to be made into a floor pouf. When
Hadley Paige Designs is back with another fun FREE new pattern you won’t want to miss! Introducing a big city style, trendy statement piece, in the form of a —
Hello there! Have you ever wanted to make one of these big crochet shawls but you were too afraid because you are a new crocheter and you just know the
I have wanted to do a fluffy bunny for a long time, but haven’t found the right fluffy yarn to use. When I found Kartopu Extra Soft over at HobiumYarns I knew
I love front post and back post dc’s, so I decided to play a little with it. I think this doily got a nice 3D effect with the post stitches. The