The Cardigan with the panther design on the back by @venerabogdanova is very stylish and a pretty easy constructed pattern. With the provided detailed description anyone can make it, it’s worked in 5 main pieces and then all parts seamed together.

The details like pockets and ears add the atmosphere of the beautiful animal, adding to all that the softness and high quality of the La Mia Cottony 100% cotton  yarn which makes it so cozy, comfortable and light. Great for chilly weather or cold summer nights. Girls will love it!

There were 11 skeins of purple P25 and 2 skeins of black P21 color used. The cardigan turned out very light and soft.


La Mia Cottony:

2 colors – purple P25 and black P21 were used in the creation of the cardigan.

Size 3.75 mm crochet hook

Beads (optional) to emphasize the eyes – glass green and 2 big back beads

5 Snip pins.

Click HERE to download the FREE PATTERN.

Hope you will enjoy creating this beautiful cardigan of your own. If any questions accure fill free to contact me at @venerabogdanova

Good luck to you!

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