Hey Everyone! You may remember me from some previous posts that I did a while back. My name is Lori and I’m here to show you how to make the cutest Date Night Sweater just in time for Valentine’s Day!

My whole life, I spent February 14 watching my parents celebrate their anniversary. So I have always viewed it as a super romantic holiday! That’s why I was inspired to create a romantic sweater that would be perfect for any date!

Romantic, flirty and sexy don’t always mean plumiting neck lines. I find something so attractive about a high neck line. I think I grabbed the balance of romantic and sexy with this sweater and I hope you do too! From the high neck, to the billowy sleeves, and the fuzzy texture you’re sure to catch the eye of the special someone on this LOVE filled day.

This project is held triple straned with wool and mohair. This will give you the fizziest halo to your sweater.


5-8 balls of La Mia Merino (I used light pink)

6-8 balls of Gazzal Super Kid Mohair

4mm circular knitting needles

4mm double pointed knitting needles (optional)

5 stitch markers

Stitch Key

K: Knit

P: Purl

CO: Cast on

BO: Bind off

K2tog: Knit 2 stitches together

YO: Yarn over

BOR: Beginning of round

PM: Place marker

SM: Slip marker

W&T: Wrap and Turn


23 sts x 27 rows = 4in x 4in


This pattern is meant to have 2 inches of positive ease. Model is wearing a medium and is 5’1 and 120lbs with a bust of 36 inches.

Bust size in inches

Small: 34

Medium: 38

Large: 42



Holding 2 strand of Gazzal mohair and 1 strand of La Mia merino together CO 76 (86,96)

Join in round being sure your stitches aren’t twisted, place BOR marker.

Round 1-27: (add more rows if you desired a bigger turtle neck) *K1, P1* continue to BOR. It is recommended to go down a needle size for ribbing.

We will now do some neck shaping using short rows.

Round 28: *K11 (13, 15), yo, k1, PM, k1, yo* repeat once more. K2, W&T.

Round 29: P40(45, 51), yo, p1, PM, p1, yo, p11 (13,15), yo, p1, PM, p1, yo, p2, W&T.

Round 30: K41(46,52), yo, k1, SM, k1, yo, k13(15,17), yo, k1, SM, k1, W&T.

Round 31: SM, p41(46,52), yo, p1, SM, p1, yo, p13(15,17), yo, p1, SM, p1, W&T.

Round 32: SM, k42(47,53), yo, k1, SM, k1, yo, k14(16,18), W&T.

Round 33: p42(47,53), yo, p1, SM, p1, yo, p14(16,18), W&T.

Round 34: k41(46,52), yo, k1, SM, k1, yo, k12(14,16), W&T.

Round 35: p41(46,52), yo, p1, SM, p1, yo, p12(14,16), W&T.

Round 36: k41(46,52), yo, SM, k1, yo, k10(12,14), W&T.

Round 38: p41(46,52), yo, SM, p1, yo, p10(12,14), W&T.

K to BOR.


Round 39: K 37(42,48), yo, k28 (31,35), yo, k to BOR. Resolve short rows as you come to them.

Round 40: *K to 1 stitch before marker, yo* repeat to BOR.

Round 41: K to BOR.

Repeat rounds 40 & 41 until you reach  150(170,190) stitches.

Splitting for Sleeves

K to first marker, slip all stitches into scrap yarn until next marker. CO 10 stitches, k to next marker, slip all stitches onto scrap yarn until next marker, CO 10 stitches , k to BOR.


K in stockenette until you body measures 14 inches or desired length from underarm.

Create a k1, p1 ribbing for 5 rounds.

BO in pattern.


Starting at underarm, knit all stitches, picking up 10 stitches from the underarm as you come to them.

Round 1-2: K around.

Round 3: k13, K2tog, k13, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k to BOR.

Round 4: k around.

Round 5: k2tog, k to BOR.

Continue to knit in stockenette until your slew measures 14 inches or desired length from underarm.

K2tog all around.

K1, p1 ribbing for 5 rounds.

BO in pattern loosely.

Weave in all ends and block.

I hope you enjoyed making this sweater as much as I did! Enjoy all your winter date nights (not just Valentine’s Day) in your new Date Night Sweater! And remember, you don’t have to expose your whole body to be sexy! Remember to tag me in any of your finished sweaters on Instagram @lunarknitsbylori and I’ll talk to you guys next time!

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5 February 2019

That is stunning! And I love the color you chose! It's going straight to my make list!

Stella Mary
24 June 2019

Very useful and helpful data. Thank you for that amazing data shared.

Diane geland
22 February 2020

Hi Lori can you send me the pattern of the chunky burgundy blanket you made two years ago pls don't have pattern it looks good


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