I don’t know about you, but I just love seeing little children in party hats. It almost seems as if, just by wearing that one hat, they turn instantly more gleeful (and a tad mischievous) and are all ready to play and have fun all day.

My boys are turning three this month and I’m so blessed that they still absolutely love wearing hats, and especially the ones I make for them. So this year, they get their own little retro party hats!

Hurry mommies, before your little one grows too old for quirky hats, make some for them now and add this party hat to the top of your list.

This free crochet pattern is fast and easy to follow and you can simply customize as you go — weave in all colours of the rainbow or add appliques.

Don’t forget to tag us at #crochetpartyhat #hobium #amigurumei #hobiumyarns when you’re done with making one (or one for each and every birthday guest).

To make the retro party hat, you will need:

La Mia Linen Cotton yarn in Blue

La Mia Baby Cotton yarn in Cream

Kartopu Baby One yarn in Red

3.5mm crochet hook

Darning needle

Pom pom maker


Craft glue


Elastic for strap

Click HERE for the FREE pattern.

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