Boho twist, warm winter headband by hadley paige designs

This headband is super soft & has lots of stretch for comfort!

(one size fits most ages 5yrs-adult)

(quick, easy, one piece) – great holiday gift & last-minute craft show stock up idea.

*pattern outlines two headband widths you can choose depending on your preference for fit.  I like to make ages 5-10 in the thinner width and the teen/adult a little wider.


Skill level:

Beginner /easy – with some crochet experience required.


Materials needed:


  • Fsc – foundation single crochet
  • Ch – chain
  • T – turn
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Blo – back loop only
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sp – space
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Acr – across

Pattern/ directions:

Row 1: fsc 80 sts. Ch1, t. (80sts)

Row 2: sc in 1st. Now in blo, sc 78 more sts acr. Sc last st through both loops. Ch1, t. (80sts)

Rows 3-5: rep row 2. (80sts)

  • For children/ages 5-10yrs: 5 rows is usually a good fit, once assembled it doubles this width.

For teen/adult sizing i like to add another row:

Row 6: rep row 2. (80sts)

Continune on for both size options (kids&adult)


Arrange to form shape:  

A little trick for shaping: look for the “x” shape in the front

& the “=” shape in the back.

Seam: ch1. Sl st up side of rows, working through both ends held together as one. (5sts/6sts)


Ch1 after last sl st worked.

Pull a long tail through loop on hook for stitching (roughly 60”/ or long arms length). Cut end. Pull tight. Turn seam inside out.

Assemble/ close up shape to form headband: using medium to loose tension & working in blo –

Sl st (18 sts – for kids /16 sts – for adult) acr.

At end, ch1 & cut end leaving small tail for weaving in. Pull end tight to secure.  (if you do your sl sts too tightly the circumference of the headband may fit too snug).

We begin in the top of seam which should now be inside out. This new seam we go around with, will be another raised row on the outside of the headband.

Note: you are holding the two sides together like an “=” sign; and going through the two at once, sandwiching them together.  One side will be a back side of the fsc row sts and the other will be the top of a regular sc stitched row, you can spot the two loops on the regular row.  (*when going through the regular row, go through blo – this makes the seam less crisp working through 2 loops vs all 3 from both sides together).

With back side facing. Flip so unfinished/ opened side is on the left now & rejoin at seam again in center of back then repeat above method for closing up this 2nd side. (18 sts acr for kids/ 16 sts acr for adult).

*note: since the adult headband is wider, having less stitches allows for the criss cross “x” in the front to fit through better.

At end, ch1 & cut leaving enough tail for weaving in. Pull end tightly to secure.

Turn headband inside out and weave in any remaining tails, i like to use a smaller crochet hook and pull them through minimum 5 sts acr of nearby row.

*if you have two tails near your back-side seam, knot them together and weave in from inside. Turn headband right side out again and tada! Your ready to wear & enjoy!




  • Children: 4.5”
  • Teen/ adult: approx. 5.5”


  • Roughly 8” acr (unstretched) – fits 20-22.5” head circumference worn.

(remember this is very stretchy but if you would like a larger headband or looser fit – all you have to do is add a few more sts in your beginning fsc row1).  E.g. if you add 6 sts. You will need to increase your sl sts at your seam around by 3 on ea side.)

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!!

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Thanks for trying out my pattern!  I hope you enjoy as much as i do!

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