Born with a star for a horn, Kirika is like no other unicorn.

In dreams. At the end of the rainbow. Where fallen stars meet. That’s where you’ll probably catch a glimpse of Kirika: the star of the night and most of the day.

Happiness is not by chance, she says. “I chose to be happy. Therefore I am.”

Kirika is also only 3-inches tall, so she packs a punch, as the smallest unicorn ever to be found.

Our FREE pattern will let you make Kirika the pocket unicorn (it won’t take you more than 2 days — and that’s a unicorn promise!) just in time for Christmas, perhaps as a stocking stuffer surprise?

Mix and match any of your favourite colours — we like the pastels from the La Mia Cottony range.

Once you have Kirika small but tall in the palm of your hand, don’t forget to tag us at #pocketunicorn #hobium #amigurumei #hobiumyarns

To be on your way to some unicorn magic, you will need:

La Mia Cottony yarn in Light Pink

La Mia Cottony yarn in Green

La Mia Cottony yarn in Mustard

La Mia Cottony yarn in Pinkish Orange

2.5mm crochet hook

Yarnart Violet Yarn (black crochet thread)

Darning needle

Polyester fiberfill

Pink blusher

Cotton bud

To download the pattern, click HERE!


  1. The muzzle directions in the pattern are incorrect. The increases for the muzzle should stop at 30 stitches and the rows should stop at 13. The muzzle is too big with 36 stitches. If these adjustments are made, then the muzzle will fit to the body.

  2. Unicorn a bayıldım bende tarifi rica edebilirmiyim şimdiden teşekkür ediyorum. 🥰

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