Hi everyone, I’m Lindsey from @lindseysophie . I’ve designed a mandala pattern for you guys in collaboration with hobium yarns. It is a very easy pattern to follow and I would love to see your version of my crochet pattern. please tag me in your instagram post if your working on it! You can use the hashtag #mandalalindseysophie.

You Will Need:
La mia cottony :
1 green p30
1 purple p25
1 purple p10 – l010
1 beige p04-L004
1 pinkish orange p17-l017
1 green p12-l012
1 cream p2-l002
crochet hook nr 4
darning needle

Used Stitches:

CH: Chain stitch
SL.ST: Slip stitch
SC: Single crochet
HDC: Half double crochet
DC: Double crochet
FPDC: Front post double crochet

To download the pattern, click HERE.

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