The Classic Chunky Knit Fringe Blanket Pattern by BrennaAnnHandmade

Hi Makers! Brenna from @brennaannhandmade here again, with one of my very favorite patterns ever made in collaboration with HobiumYarns! 🙂

The “Classic Chunky Knit Fringe Blanket” is the perfect, super simple & easy, cozy handmade for the cooler weather ahead! Throw it over your couch, on top of the bed, or wrap yourself up in it, to keep warm all Fall & Winter long! 🙂

To create this blanket, I used HobiumYarns lovely, soft & thick, “YarnArt Tweed Country” wool blend yarn, in this pretty cream color – feel free to use any of their pretty shades available to create your very own custom throw! 😉

Are you ready to get started? Great! Let’s go! 🙂

*Finished dimentions: 52″ x 74″ including fringe*

Materials needed:

14 skeins of YarnArt Tweed Country yarn from HobiumYarns

A 15mm, 100 cm (or longer) pair of circular knitting needles

A 10mm (or larger) crochet hook

A tape measure / ruler

A pair of scissors



(Knitting the Blanket)

Step 1: Cast on 80 stitches

Row 1: Turn, and knit every stitch across as pictured.

Rows 2-163: repeat row 1.

Row 164: Bind off in row 1 pattern. Cut yarn & pull tail through to tighten.


(Adding the Fringe)

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of yarn 12″ long.

Attach with the crochet hook to the corner of one of the width (shorter) sides of the blanket as shown.


Step 2: Repeat step 1 along both short sides of the blanket, by adding a fringe to every stitch.

Now, just weave in all ends of the blanket & trim.

You’re all finished! Enjoy your new cozy, handmade throw! 🙂



Brenna Ann is the designer and maker behind BrennaAnnHandmade. She crochets & knits cozy pieces of knitwear and accessories at her handmade shop on Etsy. She also has a blog, YouTube channel, and shares behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram @BrennaAnnHandmade.

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