Hello all my fellow crocheters and makers!  My name is Katie and I am one of three makers behind spoonsinthedirt.com and @originalhandmadegoodness.  I am so excited to bring you this free pattern in collaboration with Hobium Yarns using their La Mia Baby Cotton yarn and the La Mia Pastel Cotton yarn.  This is a pretty basic amigurumi shape that once you get the hang of it, lends itself to many different animals and friends just by changing the “accessories” i.e. ears, nose and colors.


*This pattern is written for everyone but I do not include full explanations for every stitch.  But there are amazing tutorials on YouTube if you just search for them. Easy peasy I promise.

*This pattern is worked in a continuous spiral. There are no joins unless it says to.

*Ch-1s do not count as a stitch unless it says to.

*There is no gauge but there is a stitch count. It is very important to have the correct number of stitches at the end of every round which are in ().

*Use a stitch marker and place in the 1st sc of every new row unless you are confident with your skills enough to not need one.

*This pattern is crocheted in one piece starting with the legs going up to the head. This means it can be the base for any creature or animal you’d like to make.

*Color changes happen over the same 8 rows- (R11-18) please choose any color combo you like.

*All special stitches have a linked tutorial provided.

*There are a lot of ends and it looks like a nightmare but here is a tip: Carry the tail of each new join for the first 10 stitches and cut, no ends to join.

*FINALLY….HAVE FUN and don’t hesitate to contact me, Katie @originalhandmadegoodness with any questions or thoughts. I look forward to your makes and please tag me with your finished stuffies.



mr– magic ring- start off like you are making a slip knot but do not pulled it closed..keep it loose and ch-1  (see photo 1)

sc-single crochet

cc-color change- insert hook in to next stitch and pull up a loop with current color, (2 loops on hook) finish sc with the new color and ch1, ss into next stitch then sc after that. (See photos 9-11)

inc– 2 sc in same stitch

ss– slip stitch

st– stitch

hdc– half-double crochet

dc– double crochet

invdec– crocheting 2 stitches together with an extended sc in front loops only (see photos 14-15)

ch– chain

mc– main color for body, legs and head

shc– shirt color- any color or colors you want!

Materials Needed:

*4mm hook

*For the mini Pom Pom Pierre use La Mia Pastel Cotton yarn in the colors:



Pinkish Orange-L056

*For the Bowie Bear use the La Mia Baby Cotton yarn in the colors:


Phosphorus Green-L045

Light Blue-L036


*Yarn needle for weaving in ends, attaching the pom-pom and embroidering the eyebrows

*Safety eyes


*Pom-pom maker (you can use the pom-pom maker that comes with your order :))

*Faux fur pom (I got mine from off a key chain!)

*Stuffing for the filling!

*Stitch marker (optional) (I use the tail from my magic ring!)



Legs (with the La Mia Pastel gray (MC) make 2) :

  1. make a magic ring and ch 1 (see image 1)
  2. 6sc into magic ring (6) (see image 2)
  3. inc in every stitch (12)
  4. (sc 1, inc) 6x (18)
  5. -7. 1sc in each stitch around (18)


Repeat steps 1-7 for second leg except do not finish off this time. (see image 3)

8) connect 2nd leg to first anywhere with a ss and continue to sc around both legs (36)

*place stitch marker in 1st sc of new round and move up to each 1st sc of every new round.

*Side Note: Be very careful not to add any extra stitches when you do this!

9-10) in MC continue to place 1sc in each stitch for next 2 rows.(36)

11-18) At the end of row 10, sc in the next 9 stitches which will put you on his side. This is your new ending for each round and where you will be making all color changes (CC)(SHC) over the next 8 rounds. Place stitch marker in the next stitch, which is the new 1st sc of every round (36)

19) This is when you change back to MC and place 1 sc in each stitch of the round. (36)

20-21) 1sc in every stich of the next 2 rounds (36)

*Go ahead and stuff the legs and half of the body! Do not be afraid to overstuff. The more the better.

*Also you will be doing your decreases from here on out. (see photos 14 and 15)  We will do our first round and then stop to put our safety eyes on and his nose!

22) (1 sc in the next 4 st , invdec in the next). Repeat () around (30)

**The following face is for Bowie Bear if you want to do Pom Pom Pierre place the eyes between rounds 20 and 21 but place them about 10 stitches apart.

*stop here and place safety eyes between round 20 and 21 about 6 stitches apart.

*next lets embroider on his cute nose! (see images 16 – 21)

*and finally lets put on some eyebrows! (see images 23-34)

now lets continue our decreases!

23) (1sc in the next 3 stitches, invdec). Repeat (). (24)

24) (1sc in the next 2 stitches, invdev). Repeat (). (18)

*stuff as much as you can!

25) (1sc in the next stitch, invdec). Reapeat (). (12)

26) (invdec). (6)

Now cut your yarn with a long enough tail to put onto the needle and sew closed the rest.

You are finished with the body and head.  For bowie bear we must make 2 little ears which are super easy and quick! For Pom Pom Pierre you can just attach your faux fur pom pom or make one and attach that.

Bowies ears: make 2:

  • make a MR and put 2sc, 2hdcs, 2 dc, 2hdcs, and 2sc in the MR.
  • continuing around with no joining place 1 sc in every stitch and f/o!

Attach his ears around round 24 up on boths sides of the head. (see photo 36)

Yay!! You are officially finished and I hope it was worth the craziness that amigurumi can sometimes come with!  Again if you make any of these fellas please tag me @originalhandmadegoodness on Instagram and follow for more beautiful makes.



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