Happy Spring! Although warmer weather is right around the corner, I’m super excited to share one more FREE, ribbed + fringe DIY knit blanket pattern with you all! 🙂


The “Kartopu Tempo” yarn used to create this pattern is an incredibly soft, chunky wool-blend, and is absolutely perfect for this cozy handmade project!


Are you ready to get started? Great, let’s go! 😉


To view the video tutorial, visit my YouTube channel HERE or continue below for the full FREE written pattern:


Finished dimentions: 48″ x 58″ including fringe

Materials needed:

10 skeins of Kartopu Tempo yarn

A 15mm, 100 cm (or longer) pair of circular knitting needles (I used the Addi 15mm 100cm sparkly knitting needles)

A 10mm+ crochet hook (I used the Addi 15mm sparkly crochet hook)

A ruler

A pair of scissors



(Knitting the Blanket)

Step 1: Cast on 81 stitches

Row 1: Knit every stitch across.

Row 2. Turn, and knit the 1st stitch.

Then, purl the second stitch of the row.

Repeat, alternating 1 knit stitch & 1 purl stitch across the entire row.

Rows 3-117: repeat rows 1-2, alternating.

Row 118: Bind off in row 2 pattern.

Cut yarn & pull tail through to tighten.

(Adding the Fringe)

Step 1: Cut a piece of yarn 10″ long.

Attach with the crochet hook to the corner of one of the width (shorter) sides of the blanket as shown.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 along both short sides of the blanket, by adding a fringe to every stitch.

Now, just weave in all ends of the blanket & trim.

You’re all finished! Enjoy your new cozy, handmade throw! 🙂

Brenna Ann is the designer and maker behind BrennaAnnHandmade. She crochets & knits cozy pieces of knitwear and accessories at her handmade shop on Etsy. She also has a blog, YouTube channel, and shares daily behind-the-scenes photos of her handmade work on Instagram @BrennaAnnHandmade.

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16 April 2019

Hi... Thank you for the pattern and video. I just want to find out... i keep picking up stitches... im not sure why... is this normal? And when you say alternate rows 1 and 2 i just want to confirm 1: knit; 2: knit, purl. Im a begginer so trying to learn😂🤣😂 Thank you

Neslihan Catak
16 April 2019

Hello Anitra, yes that is correct. You knit one row and knit 1 purl 1 on the other row. And you alternate between them until the end. :) I hope this helps.

29 August 2019

Can you help me figure out how many stitches to cast off for a blanket closer to queen size? (Approx 60"x80") and how many yards of yarn I will need for a blanket of this size? I'm using 100% cotton yarn, Yarn Bee Cotton XXL. Each skein is 50 yards.

Martha Beattie
6 September 2019

Hi there, I am from Canada, and I wonder about your 15mm needle you use to do the blanket. Here in Canada do I Use 15 mm also in us or I take 10 mm in canadian. Could you help ? I asdume that you are in america and use 15 mm us . Thank you .. Martha Beattie

Neslihan Catak
4 October 2019

Hello Martha, you can use 15 mm. :)

17 December 2019

Hi! What yarn weight are you using?

Khaulah Campbell
29 January 2020

Hi what size yarn did you use? Is it a 6? Super bulky? Or it doesn’t matter?

9 March 2020

Thankyou for a easy blanket. Need a quick gift.

22 September 2020

Can you help me to amend this pattern so I can use double knitting wool Thanks


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