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Crochet Heart Garland by:

Montaño: Hand-Crafted Crochet


Here is a simple, easy, and chic crochet heart garland tutorial for you all.  I absolutely love these cute and adorable little hearts.  I made them in a small size for this tutorial, but they are easily adjustable to any size you prefer.  Simply change hook size and/or yarn while following the same pattern.  Just imagine these hearts enlarged for a beautiful back drop for a photoshoot. so dreamy.

The yarn that we will be using is from Hobium Yarn called La Mia Mini Cottony.  It is 100% cotton, which makes is perfect for any projects you have in mind for the summer, but also for these cute heart patterns.  They are super fun and completely get you in the mood for Valentines Day! The Mini Cottony Collection come in so many colors that one could make cute hearts out of all colors.

The crochet heart garland gives the perfect simple touch for wrapping gifts, decorations for a Valentines Day party or even a table runner or just remove the string and use the crochet hearts as little confetti over the a table with food/main table where kids will sit at.

One thing to point out is that, we don’t have to use the traditional color of pink/red for these hearts.  You could use all colors of the rainbow for this garland.  Lets talk about rainbow baby back drop! I have even seen the crocheted hearts themselves used in classrooms for the exchanging gifts. Simply attach these on a cute card, write a cute message and you got your 30 cards made!

I used crochet hook size of 4mm/ G6.  I first crocheted hearts then threaded a needle to weave in and out of the hearts.  I cut a very very long string and threaded it through the hearts as I went along.  After 10 or 15 hearts I would hang it up where I wanted it to gauge if I needed more hearts or not.


La Mia Mini Cotton in all colors.

US G6/4 mm crochet hook


Yarn Needle (to weave string into the hearts)


Create a slip knot and chain 4

3 Treble crochet into the 4th chain (Treble Crochet is done by yarning over two times on hook, inserting hook in to st, pull yarn through st. you should have 4 loops on hook.  yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through two loops again. You should have two loops left on hook.  Yarn over again and pull through remaining loops)

Chain 1

3 Double crochet into the same chain

Chain 1

1 Treble crochet into the same chain

Chain 1

3 Double crochet into the same chain

Chain 1

3 Treble crochet into the same chain

Chain 3, insert hook into the same chain, and create a slip stitch.
Use your scissors to cut the yarn leaving an inch long tail.  With a loop left on your hook, insert the tail into the loop two times and pull tight to create a knot.  Weave in the ends.

Now that you have created your first heart, you will want to keep making more hearts for your garland.  Once you have made your desired amount of hearts, you will then measure the width of where you want to hang your garland.  This measurement will then be used to cut the length of yarn.

You will thread this length of yarn to a yarn needle and weave it into the chain 3 spaces of the hearts. 

Once you have weaved in all hearts, you are ready to hang your garland wherever your ‘heart’ desires (see what I did? )lol.

I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern.  Please leave comments on how your crochet heart garland turned out, or if you would like to see other patterns!

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