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I am Ivonne from Montaño: Hand- Crafted Crochet aka montanocrochet. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! One thing I noticed after talking to family and friends is that there is always one person that we forgot to give a gift to.  No matter how hard we try to create a list and buy all the gifts, we forget. Its completely normal, however, with New Years just around the corner I know we are all itching to save money; but also give something beautiful from the heart.

This beanie crochet pattern will take an hour tops! Though, I will admit, depending how fast you crochet, how long you have been crocheting for will shorten or lengthen your time.  Alas, do not be frighten or pushed away from this project, because this beanie is the basic foundation to your future beanie creations.

One thing I have learned over the 9+ of crocheting is that if we do not understand the basics we are unable to progress and advance.  Think of this beanie pattern as being your template. Once we understand how things are supposed to be worked and the measurements, you will be able to manipulate this beanie crochet pattern to incorporate: cables, different stich pattern, etc. the possibilities are endless!! So, let’s get started!!


2 Skeins Gazzal XL Baby Wool
6 mm Crochet hook
A Crochet Hook or Large Eye Tapestry Needle (For weaving in ends)

Measurements for Rim in inches:

Preemie: 7.5 – 11 in.

Newborn: 12 – 12.5 in.

3 months: 13- 13.5 in.

3- 6 months: 14 – 14.5 in.

6- 9 months: 15 in.

9- 12 months: 15.5 in.

12- 18 months: 16 in.

18- 24 months: 17 in.

2-5 years: 17- 18 in.

Child: 18- 19 in.

Teen: 19- 20 in.

Adult Women: 21 in.

Adult Men: 22 in.

Measurements for height of beanie in inches:

Preemie: 3- 4.5 in.

Newborn: 4.5- 5.5 in.

3 months: 6 in.

3- 6 months: 6- 6.25 in.

6- 9 months: 6.25- 6.5 in.

9- 12 months: 6.5 in.

12- 18 months: 6.75 in.

18- 24 months: 7.25 in.

2-5 years: 7.25- 7.5 in.

Child: 7.75- 8 in.

Teen: 8- 8.5 in.

Adult Women: 8.75- 9 in.

Adult Men: 9.25- 9.5in.

Note: This beanie will be started with the rim first, then we will work the body.

Gauge: You do not need a gauge as this beanie is based off of measurements. If you need to make your item using a bulkier, chunkier, or lighter weight yarn, you can still follow this pattern as long as you ensure your item is still measuring correctly.

Directions: (Pattern for 2-5 years old)

Chain 7

Row 1: sc second chain from hook, sc 6 to end of chain. Turn. 6 sts

Row 2: ch 1, 1 sc in back loop only in each of the 6 sts. Turn. Repeat Row 2 until your work measures 17 inches.  If you are doing a different size, please refer above to the listed Rim Measurements.


 Row 3: Rotate your work 90 degrees to the right.

Ch 1, 1 sc in same st. Next, sc into the next st (blue arrow). Sc into next st (red arrow).

As you can see, you have two rows that you have to sc into.  If you look at the yellow line, think of this as your divider of the sections.  This is to help identify the two sts that you need to sc into.

Once you have sc to the end, we will then do a slip stich of our first ch 1. This way, we can start working in the round.

I prefer to not sew all of the rim just yet, as this is my stitch marker to help me identify the start of the new row as I work in the round.  If you prefer to sew this up now and place actual stitch markers, go ahead and do so now.

Row 4: Ch 1, sc in same st, *1 dc in next st, 1 sc in next st * rep from * until you get back to your ch 1. Depending on the size you are working, this next step will be different for you. We are going to either make a sc or a dc in the slip stich, so that we can continually keep working in the round without having to create a seam in the process.


As you can see, my next st is to do a DC in the slip stitch. Then I will continue the pattern (1 sc, 1 dc or vs versa). Continue this row until your item measures 7.5 inches, or the corresponding measurement to the different size you are doing.


 Row 5: Cut a 12 to 10 inch tail. Fasten off (in your last loop on the hook, go through the loop two times and then pull tight to create a knot). Then thread your long tail into the crochet needle.

Row 6: With your needle threaded with the 12 to 10 in tail, use the needle to go through every other back post.

Once you have made it back to the beginning, pull tightly and carefully (to not rip your yarn).

 We need to go through the sts again so that we can keep closing off the top of the beanie.  This part is very randomized. What I do is look for sts that my needle can get under, while being close to the whole so that when I make it around and pull my yarn it will close the whole.  I do this step around 4 to 5 times to ensure it stays closed. After each round of doing that, I kept pulling the yarn to close the whole.

This is what it look likes after the 5th time.  Next, insert your needle into the very center of your whole (it will be hard if you did your row previous to close it off right. ) if you can’t fit it in, find an area close to the center and insert needle there, and pull through so that your working on the inside of the beanie.


Go under a st, create a loop, and create a knot. Weave in ends.




See, it was not hard at all.  Easy to follow along, not to mention if you follow your measurements you will be able to make this beanie faster each time!

 Thank you all for reading my pattern.  I hope you enjoy these crochet patterns.  Please leave comments on how your beanie turned out, or if you would like to see other patterns!

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