Hello, Friends! It’s Jerica from YarnHookNeedles bringing you a fun Autumn pattern for kids. As a mother of 7, I am always looking for fun, creative ways to add handmade pieces to my children’s wardrobe. I also know I want something simple yet looks difficult.

Today’s pattern captures just that! While technical in its appearance, the knit-a-like dress is anything but hard to make. You will find yourself whipping one up in just one weekend. Head below to get the quick and easy material list and pattern so you too can make one for the special child in your life!


Pattern Notes:

This pattern is for a child size XS (4/5). However, you can easily adjust things to fit whatever size you need. Simply measure from the top of the breastbone down to the desired length. This will determine how long you need your foundation chain to be. There isn’t a multiple needed for this stitch (just remember to add 3 additional stitches to your foundation so as to create the first DC. To create the width needed you will continue to add rows until you reach your desired measurements.



The Pattern:

CH 93 ((Make 2 panels))

Row 1 – In the 4th CH from the hook DC. Continue with DCs all the way across. CH 2. Turn.

Row 2 – (CH 2 counts as first DC)) DC in the back loops all the way across. CH 2. Turn.

Rows 3 – 25 : Repeat row 2.



Measuring the width of the tops of the shoulders you will simply seam the top on both sides leaving enough space to create a head hole. Then, you will determine how large you want your armholes. For this dress, I laid right sides together and seamed from the bottom up a total of 60 sts. Weave in your ends.


Finishing off the dress:

For an added “finished” look I went around the bottom with HDC (half double crochet) sts. Then I went around the head hole with SC sts. This isn’t something you have to do but I did since I know these areas get a lot of use from kiddos.



Making the drawstring tie:

For an added touch I created a drawstring tie using two strings of the la Mia cottony. I made an extra long tail and chained a total of 150. I then tied it off measuring both ends of the tails to make sure they were even. Taking my crochet hook I wove the tie in and out starting at the back and bringing it around to the front.




That’s it! I hope you enjoy making the knit-a-like dress. I had a lot of fun creating it and working with the luxurious la Mia Cottony from Hobium Yarns.



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