Cottonwood Crop Top 


Hi! My name is Alliyah, and I’ve created a free crop top pattern just for you!  I call it the “Cottonwood Crop Top,” and now you can call it yours! This crop top is a fun summer project, and you can make it to fit any body! Let’s get started! You’ll need the following items:


  • 2 (3 for the two largest sizes) balls of Gazzal Baby Cotton XL in your main color (I used Brown-3434)
  • 1 balls of Gazzal Baby Cotton XL in your contrast color (I used Blue-3426)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 4.5mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle




The sizes are determined by your bra cup size. Included in this pattern are A, (B), (C), (D), (DD) and will be written in that order.

These are general sizes. You know your body best so if you feel you need to work an extra row or two, please feel free to do so!

The Ch 2 at the beginning of every row does not count as a stitch and you will always work into the very first stitch unless specified not to.


Ch – chain

DC – double crochet

HDC – half double crochet

Sl St – Slip stitch

Ready to begin??

Cups (make 2)

With your 3.5mm crochet hook and main color yarn, chain 14, (16), (18), (20)

DC in the 3rd ch from hook and across until you reach the last stitch. In the last stitch, *DC2, CH2, DC2*

Now you’ll be working down the other side of your chain. DC in each. Ch 2, turn.

Row 1: Dc in first and across to the ch 1space. In the ch 1 space, *Dc2, Ch1, Dc2*. Dc across to the end of the row. Ch2, turn.

Repeat row one 4, (5), (5), (5), (6) more times for a total of 6, (7), (7), (7), (8) rows

Do not cut your yarn. 

Back ties (worked the same for each cup) 

Ch 90 – 160, depending on how long you want/need your back ties. Sl st in the second and then in each stitch of your chain until you’re back up to your cup. Sl St in the same stitch were your tie began.

Shoulder ties (worked the same for both cups)

As consistently as you can, HDC along the side of the cup until you reach the first stitch of the last row.

Sl St into this stitch. Ch 90-160 depending on how long you want/need your shoulder ties. Sl St in the second and then in each chain until you’re back up to the cup. Sl St in the same stitch where your tie began.

Fasten off.

Line your two cups up and evenly slip stitch 4 stitches from each cup together. You’ve now made the bralette.

Modern Granny Squares 

(make 4, (5), (6), (6) )

Now we’ll begin making the modern granny squares that are sewn along the bottom of the bralette.

With your contrast color yarn and your 4.5mm crochet hook, make a magic ring

(the “ch 2” at the beginning of every round still does not count as a stitch.)

Round 1: Ch2, DC 10 into the ring. Join to the first dc. (12sts)

Round 2:  Ch 2, work 2DC into each stitch (24sts)

Round 3: Ch2, *2DC, DC in next* (36sts)

Round 4: Ch2, *2DC, DC in next 2* (48sts)

Join your main color yarn. 

(To join my main color, I simply cut the contrast color, leaving about an inch long tail, and tied the main color to the tail of the contrast color)

Round 4: Ch2, and in the first stitch, ( *DC2, Ch1, DC2*, then DC in the next 11 stitches. ) Repeat the instructions within the parentheses 3 more times. The “DC2, Ch1, DC2” creates the corners for your granny square, so after completing round 4 you should have 4 corners.

Round 5: Ch2, DC in first 2, 4DC in Ch-1 gap. (DC in each across to the next Ch-1 gap. Work 4DC in the Ch-1 gap) Work the instructions within the parentheses 2 more times. The “4DC” in the ch-1 spaces serve to create a cleaner corner for your granny square.


Cut your yarn, leaving a 12 inch tail for each square. You will use these tails to sew a side of one square to the side of it’s neighbor.

After you made 4, (5), (6), (6)  squares, you’re ready to begin assembling your crop top!

I like to weave in all the tails of the bralette (not the squares!) before I attach the squares so no extra tails interfere.

Turn you bralette and squares so the wrong side is facing out on all of them.

Cut a 4 foot-long string from of your main color yarn. You’ll use this string to sew the tops of the squares to the bottom of the bralette.

With the wrong side facing out, line up the squares however you’d like and sew them along the bottom of the bralette with your tapestry needle using the whipstitch method

Use each of the 12 inch-long tails you left on the squares to sew their sides together. Weave in all your ends and celebrate!! You just created a garment out of Gazzal Baby Cotton XL!!!





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