Hi! Brenna from BrennaAnnHandmade here! 🙂


I’m so excited to share this this month’s free slouchy knit hat pattern with you all! Let’s get started!


*Finished hat fit an average women’s 21-22″ head circumference size



1 Skein Kartopu Melange Wool

1 pair 7mm Straight Knitting Needles

A Crochet Hook or Large Eye Tapestry Needle (For weaving in ends)





K – Knit

P – Purl

K2Tog – Knit 2 stitches together



Step 1: cast on 52 stitches evenly onto one of the knitting needles, using the long-tail cast on method.

Step 2: (Rows 1-12) K2, P2 across.

Step 3: (Rows 13-51) K across.

Step 4: (Row 52) K2Tog across.

Step 5: Cut the working yarn, leaving an extra long tail & using it to thread the tapestry needle. Then thread the needle through all the loops on the working knitting needle, and pull to cinch the top of the hat together & knot to secure. (Do not cut!)

Step 6: Using the extra long tail & tapestry needle, sew the two sides of the hat together, starting at the top, and sewing all the way down to about 2 inches from the bottom. Remove tapestry needle, but do not tie off yet.

Step 7: Take the starting tail of the hat & thread the tapestry needle through. Use this piece to finish sewing the rest of the hat up to meet the point where you stopped sewing before.

Step 8: Tie the 2 tail ends together & cut.

Step 9. Use crochet hook or tapestry needle to weave in ends on the inside of the hat, and then turn the hat right side out.

All finished, enjoy! 🙂

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