Halloween Granny Square Tote Bag Tutorial

There’s no trick to making this fun Granny Square Tote for all of your Halloween treats! Simply follow these simple steps to whip up this project in just a few days’ time. Our crocheted tote uses four colors of Gazzal Baby Cotton to create a colorful bag that pairs the iconic colors of candy corn with traditional Halloween black. If you are new to crocheting Granny Squares, click here for an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Supplies for Halloween Granny Square Bag - Free Tutorial on Hobium Blog!


To Make Bag: 

4-color granny square

First, you will need to make a total of 8 six-round granny squares, measuring 6×6 inches using all 4 colors like so:

Rounds 1-2: white 

Rounds 3-4: orange 

Rounds 5: yellow 

Rounds 6: black 


Next, make 12 three-round granny squares, measuring 3×3 inches using black yarn only like so:

Round 1-3: black 

Tip: weave in all ends except black yarn tails on edging, which can be used to seam.

Lay out squares like so:


Begin by seaming black 3×3 squares into a long strip with darning needle.


Seam four 6×6 squares together for both front and back.


Now, attach one set of four-color 6×6 squares to middle 4 squares of black strip.


Seam up both sides like so:


Repeat to attached second set of 6×6 squares. Weave in any ends that remain.


With crochet hook, rejoin black yarn and work a repeat of *three double crochet, chain 1, repeat from * for two rounds around top of bag. 


With sewing needle and thread, attach purse handles.



You may wish to line finished bag with fabric or felt, or you can use your bag as-is to tote around your essentials.  Enjoy!


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