Astrid the Angel by Cara’s Creations

Hello everyone!

Today we brought an amazing pattern by Cara’s Creations after a while. Astrid the Angel is a quick, simple ornament design that will tie beautifully with either traditional or modern festive themes.

Designed with La Mia Pastel Cotton from our website, you’re going to love making it with! Let’s start then.



  • ch = chain
  • MR = magic ring
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • inc = single crochet increase (2 sc in one stitch)
  • hdc inc = half double increase (2 hdc in one stitch)
  • dec = single crochet decrease (sc 2 together)
  • BLO = back loops only
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • (..) = repeat the space in brackets the given number of times
  • [..] = total number of stitches

You can download the free pattern here.

When you finish your Astrid the Angel, we would love to see it! Be sure to tag @carascreationsaus and @hobiumyarns in your photos on Instagram!


Yummy Donut Pattern by Anniegurumi

Hello friends, it’s Annie from anniegurumi again! I am back with another tutorial and I hope that you like it.

These doughnut amigurumi have been in rotation since 2017! I tweaked it slightly from my scribbles and this is the final one. I made so many of these to make as a party game for my son’s birthday. We had the kids stack them and the winner was the one that had the most doughnuts without falling. 🙂 

Let’s start cooking then!


US Stitch Terminology:

  • MR: magic ring
  • sc: single crochet
  • inc: increase
  • dec: decrease
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • tr: triple crochet
  • st: stitch
  • ch: chain
  • FO: fasten off

Donut Body in beige

working in continuous rounds
ch18, sl st to first. Be sure not to twist the chain.

R1: sc around into the back bump [18]
R2: (sc, inc) x9 [27] 
R3: sc around 
R4: (sc 2, inc) x9 [36] 
R5- R10: sc around (6 rounds)
R11: (sc 2, dec) x9 [27]
R12: sc around
R13: (sc, dec) x9 [18]
sc around

FO, leaving long tail for sewing.

Fold the doughnut so the ends are lined up. It will form a doughnut, be sure the right side is facing outside.
Sew together the first and last rows of doughnuts together, stuff as you go.

When you are finished, weave in all the ends.

Frosting in brown

Work R1-4 of the donut body
R5: sc around (adding drippings where you want by using a combo of 3 increases of either hdc, dc, tr… randomly)
FO, leaving long tail for sewing.

Using scrap yarn, sew sprinkles onto frosting.

Sew the frosting to the doughnut.

When you are finished, weave in all the ends.

You’re finished!

Hope you like this pattern. If you did, please tag me @anniegurumi and Hobium Yarns on social media. We’d love to see your doughnuts!

Mini Ebi Tempura Amigurumi Pattern by Anniegurumi

Hi everyone! Ebi Tempura is a Japanese dish: ebi means shrimp and tempura is deep frying with a batter that makes this dish very light, crispy and delicious!
I wanted to make a mini amigurumi that my son can keep in his pocket. He originally thought it looked like a bunny! When I told him that it is an ebi tempura, he laughed and said he loves it! 🙂
I hope you like to make it! It’s a very simple but satisfying pattern. It does not take a lot of yarn and about an hour and a half to make. It’s fun to make them for friends too!


US Stitch Terminology

  • MR: magic ring
  • sc: single crochet
  • inc: increase 
  • dec: decrease
  • FO: fasten off


To make the body longer, please add more rounds of sc around to your liking near R6-15.

You can pinch the tail ends to make a pointed look if desired.


Sew the tails on top near R1-2. Embroider the eyes and mouth using the dark grey thread. Weave in all of the ends and enjoy.

Body: make one

In yellow:

R1: 6 sc in MR [6]

R2: inc around [12]

R3: (sc, inc) x6 [18]

R4: (sc 2, inc) x6 [24]

R5: (sc 3, inc) x6 [30]

R6-15: sc around [30]

R16: (sc 3, dec) x6 [24]

R17: (sc 2, dec) x6 [18]

*stuff firmly as you go

R18: (sc, dec) x6 [12]

R19: dec around [6]

FO, weave in all ends.

Tail: make two

Using coral pink yarn

R1: 8 sc in MR [8]

R2-6: sc around (5 rounds)

FO, do not stuff and leave a long tail for sewing.

That’s it! Do you like it? It looks deliciously cute, isn’t it?

Please don’t forget to tag @anniegurumi and @hobiumyarns on social media if you make it. Thank you friends, hope you make one soon!

Squishy Piggie Amigurumi Pattern by Anniegurumi

Hello everyone! We brought another cute and quick amigurumi pattern by Anniegurumi made with SMC Catania. Let’s make a squishy piggie together!


Stitches: US Terminology 

  • ch: chain 
  • MR: magic ring 
  • sc: single crochet 
  • inc: increase 
  • dec: decrease 
  • blo: back loop only

Body: make one 

R1: 6 sc in MR 

R2: inc around [12] 

R3: (sc, inc) x6 [18] 

R4: (sc 2, inc) x6 [24] 

R5: (sc 3, inc) x6 [30] 

R6: (sc 4, inc) x6 [36] 

R7: (sc 5, inc) x6 [42] 

R8: (sc 6, inc) x6 [48] 

R9-26: sc around (18 rounds) 

R27: (sc 6, dec) x6 [42] 

R28: (sc 5, dec) x6 [36] 

R29: (sc 4, dec) x6 [30] 

R30: (sc 3, dec) x6 [24] 

R31: (sc 2, dec) x6 [18] 

*stuff firmly as you go 

R32: (sc, dec) x6 [12] 

R33: dec around [6] 

FO, weave in all ends.

Snout: make one 

R1: 6 sc in MR 

R2: inc around [12] 

R3: (sc, inc) x6 [18] 

R4: sc around through blo 

R5: sc around both loops 

*stuff lightly FO, leave a long tail for sewing. 

Arms/Legs/Ears: make six 

R1: 8 sc in MR R2-4: sc around (3 rounds) FO, flatten, do not stuff. 

Leave a long tail for sewing. 

Tail: make one ch 13, 2 sc in 2nd back loop from the hook & 2 sc in each blo across. [24]

FO, leave a long tail for sewing.


Sew the snout between R13-18. 

Embroider eyes with dark grey and white thread, one stitch high and one stitch away from the snout on R13. Don’t forget to use the dark grey to embroider the nostrils on the snout. 

Sew the arms two stitches away from the snout between R16-17. 

Sew the ears on the top of the head, sew the legs on the bottom of the body. Sew the tail on the back of the body. 

Weave in all ends. 

This pattern is designed by @anniegurumi for @hobiumyarns. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. 

Please use the base pattern to create your own Squishy Piggy and share on social media. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see it! 

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Little Chic Amigurumi Pattern by Anniegurumi

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since we posted another amazing pattern by @anniegurumi. Made with renowned SMC Catania, this little chic pattern will make your heart melt!

Let’s start then!


Stitches: US TERMS

MR: magic ring 

sc: single crochet 

inc: increase (sc) 

dec: decrease (sc) 

hdc: half double crochet 

sl st: slip stitch 

MC: main colour 

CC: contrast colour 

FO: Fasten Off

Body: (Make One with MC yarn) 

R1: 6 sc in MR 

R2: inc around [12] 

R3: (sc, inc)x6 [18] 

R4: (sc 2, inc)x6 [24] 

R5: (sc 3, inc)x6 [30] 

R6-13: sc around (8 rounds) 

R14: (sc 3, dec)x6 [24] 

R15: (sc 2, dec)x6 [18] 

*stuff firmly as you go 

R16: (sc, dec)x6 [12] 

R17: dec around [6] 

FO, weave in all ends. 

Wings: (Make Two with CC yarn)

R1: 5 sc in MR 

FO, leave a long tail for sewing. Do not sl st. 

Tail: Make One with CC yarn: 

R1: sc, 2 hdc, sc in MR. 

FO, leave a long tail for sewing. Do not sl st. 


Embroider beak with orange on R9. Make a “V” shape. 

Embroider eyes with black on R8, 1 st high and 3 st apart. 

Embroider feet with brown, using pic as a reference on R14. 

Sew the wings on the side of the body and the tail behind the body. 

Weave in all ends and enjoy!

When you finish your little chic, don’t forget to tag @anniegurumi and @hobiumyarns. See you soon!